Keep up to date

If you have a CKAN installation we recommend that you take up a support contract to ensure you receive the latest updates, security patches and packages of new releases. This will ensure that you can deploy these quickly, securely and easily.

Priority access

Our support contracts give you priority access to the leading CKAN experts and core developers who will promptly answer your questions, troubleshoot problems or help determine the best the implementations and integrations: ensuring professional expert support for your website.

Core developers

Benefit from having many of the core CKAN developers and maintainers working with you, as support is delivered from the team that builds and maintains CKAN. Gain expertise from the unparalleled experts in the field.

Flexible contracts

We have three different support packages available, so you can find one that best suits your needs. If you don’t use up your days, support time may be accumulated for up to 3 months, and used for larger development tasks.